Sports Braces & Orthopedics Supports

Allcare has a wide selection of Sports Braces and Orthopedic Supports for active lifestyles. Our professional fitters are happy to help you with any of our sports and orthopedic products for the knee, ankle, back, elbow or wrist.

We have many more products in our stores. If you don't see what you're looking for, please contact our stores.

  • Wrist & Thumb Support

    Allcare carries Wrist Braces for Carpal Tunnel and Thumb Spicas for Tendonitis.

  • Wrist brace for carpal tunnel and immobilizing the wrist
  • Thumb spica for tendonitis and thumb immobilization
  • Wrist Strap
  • Thumb Support
  • Knee Braces

    We have knee braces and supports for all conditions and injuries.

  • Hinged knee brace - pull on
  • Hinged knee brace - wrap around
  • Patella Knee Strap
  • Foot & Ankle

    We have a wide variety of foot and ankle braces, boots, post op shoes and supports.

  • Walking Boot with air - low profile
  • Walking Boot with air - tall
  • Air Ankle Stirrup
  • Lace Up Ankle Brace
  • Post Op Shoe
  • Dorsal night splint for plantar fasciitis
  • Back Braces

    Our back braces for lumbar and lower back support are comfortable and fits everyone.

  • For Fit Back Brace
  • TriBack Lumbar Back Brace
  • AquaShield Cast & Bandage Protectors

    Waterproof protection by Aqua Shield keep casts and bandages dry for showering, bathing and swimming. Perfect for adults and kids. Available for arms, legs, knees and feet!

    Aqua Shield Watertight Cast and Bandage protector
  • LP Power Sleeve

    LP Power Sleeves are dynamically knit using 3D compression technology that reduces internal muscle vibrations for enhanced response.

  • LP Power Sleeve - Arm Black
  • LP Power Sleeve - Arm Blue
  • LP Power Sleeve - Arm Red
  • LP Power Sleeve - Arm White
  • LP Power Sleeve - elbow Black
  • LP Power Sleeve - elbow Blue
  • LP Power Sleeve - elbow Red
  • LP Power Sleeve - elbow White
  • LP Power Sleeve - calf Black
  • LP Power Sleeve - calf White
  • LP Power Sleeve - Leg Black
  • LP Power Sleeve - Thigh Black
  • LP Xtremus Sports Braces

    LP Xtremus Sports Braces feature energy storing power bands with a durably knit and stable contoured structure.

  • LP Xtremus Wrist Brace
  • LP Xtremus Wrist Brace Features
  • LP Xtremus Elbow Brace
  • LP Xtremus Elbow Brace Features
  • LP Xtremus Knee Brace
  • LP Xtremus Knee Brace Features
  • LP Xtremus Hinged Knee Brace
  • LP Xtremus Hinged Knee Brace Features
  • LP Xtremus Ankle Brace
  • LP Xtremus Ankle Brace Features
  • Ice & Hot Therapy

    Ice and Hot Packs help reduce swelling and ease aches and pains.

  • Reuseable Ice and Hot pack by LP
  • ColPac Ice Therapy

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